Cardiff business networking events worth checking out

As the evenings start getting darker, it can be difficult to feel motivated to network. But sometimes it’s worth the late evenings and early mornings. To give you a kickstart, here’s a list of the most affordable business networking events taking place this September in Cardiff.

Affordable business networking events in Cardiff – June and July

Cardiff might be hotting up for summer, but it’s not quite time to cool it on the networking front. Make the most of these last few opportunities to grow your business network this June and July.

Business networking events in Cardiff this May

From a Spring business conference to a directors’ awards dinner, networking breakfast events to after hours mingling, May has something for everyone looking to grow their professional network in Cardiff. Here’s a round-up of the main events.

‘Network to get work’ this April

Branded the one viewers love to hate, Dan Egan from Veep (my new favourite satire series) has a point when it comes to networking. Making new connections via business networking events is an essential marketing tactic for many businesses – but new contracts or sales aren’t the only benefit.

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Visit the great indoors: February networking events in Cardiff


Cardiff has some amazing venues for event hosts to choose from: the Millennium Centre’s Sony Room with its balcony view of lunchtime concerts, Techniquest with it’s after-hour events for up to 100 sit-down or 500 buffet guests, and the Castle tower rooms which you can hire for a memorable, but I imagine chilly, medieval banquet – though accessibility is limited. Can you tell I’ve been organising quite a few events recently?

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Is your business going places? January networking events in Cardiff

What, Where, Who, Why, When, How-written with Direction board

It’s no secret that personal connection helps secure good business relationships. It’s largely the reason so many business owners give me when they say they need to go to more networking events. I usually agree, but am quick to empathise that allocating time to networking is a challenge.

Luckily, as with many things marketing-related, less is often more when it comes to networking – if you have a strategy for it. Continue reading Is your business going places? January networking events in Cardiff

What does award-winning Agile marketing look like?

I was delighted to be able to organise an event for the CIM Wales Board last week on Agile Marketing for Internal Engagement. I’m no stranger to the challenges of internal comms, particularly when it comes to geographically dispersed companies, and having met with the DevOpsGroup team previously they struck me as an ideal case study for such an event. Continue reading What does award-winning Agile marketing look like?

Summer networking events in Cardiff

Cardiff bay

Summer is traditionally thought of as a time when everyone takes a break from ‘business as usual’, but it’s also a time when business owners can benefit from making more connections.

The good news is that, generally, people have more time and energy to invest in making new connections in August and September – especially if they’ve just returned from holiday. So contrary to what you might expect, now can be a really productive time to build your network of business connections.

Here are some events taking place over the next couple of months that are open for bookings now – enjoy #connectingtogether

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