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Glew provides outsourced marketing consultancy services to businesses who recognise the need for a more structured approach to their marketing.

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How Glew can help

Many of the organisations I work with have no marketing strategy or senior in-house expertise. Often, day-to-day business has meant marketing has taken a back seat or been ad hoc and limited to promotional activities.

As a result, it can feel reactive and disjointed and is often not delivering the value it could be.

I specialise in helping businesses review and reconnect their marketing with their business goals to give them greater confidence in where to invest resources. A strategic marketing plan helps them connect with the audiences they need to, freeing up resources to enable them to achieve greater commercial value from their marketing.

I work with a whole range of professional services, educational and not for profit organisations, using investigative marketing processes to provide clarity and structure. My guidance is always realistic and focused on what is feasible.


Need help managing marketing?

I provide consultancy services to and help you implement digital and offline marketing plans and have a network of partners who can support this.

I also provide workshops and strategic guidance to help you communicate with key stakeholders and build employee engagement with your brand.

Need a marketing strategy?

I develop integrated, evidence-based marketing strategies which save you time and money so you can stay focused on your business goals.

My research and analytics service provides insights into your clients, competitors and market, consolidating your data to help you position and market your brand efficiently.

Need flexible marketing expertise?

If you’re looking to bridge a skills gap or find a viable alternative to permanent recruitment, I can provide temporary, ad hoc or project-based marketing support.

I can also help coach, onboard or mentor graduate or early career marketing employees.

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