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by | Feb 21, 2024

Supporting a children’s charity to increase engagement, reach and income


Early intervention is essential for babies and children who have or who are at high risk of having cerebral palsy. I had the pleasure of working with Cerebral Palsy Cymru ahead of the opening of their new national children’s centre, on a project to develop their segmentation and fundraising strategy.

Why Glew

Following a recent rebrand, Cerebral Palsy Cymru were keen to better understand where they could build awareness of the charity and increase their regular donors, both within their current audience and in new ones such as visitors to their retail stores.

“Georgie is a delight to work with, hugely positive and someone who takes the time to really understand who you are as a charity and what your needs are.”

Emma Brooks, Trusts & Legacies Fundraising Manager (pictured above right)

Cerebral Palsy treatment room


What Glew delivered

Working with representatives from all key teams from the start, I carried out a thorough marketing audit and segmentation exercise to see where Cerebral Palsy Cymru could best focus their stretched resources. This mean considering the potential of each segment and the charity’s ability to meet their needs. I then worked with the team to develop several internal tools and personas to ensure the segmentation could be shared with the wider therapy and retail teams effectively.

How it helped

“Through a number of in-depth workshops that she did with us, Georgie was able to extract all the important information and transform it into a practical and sensible marketing strategy.

said Emma:

“Since working with Georgie on the new segmented approach we have a much better idea of who make up our existing regular supporters and how and who to target in terms of growing this important supporter base. The first month long regular giving campaign that we did after working with Georgie, we managed to increase average recruitment by 350%!”


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