Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been operating without an up-to-date marketing strategy in place, you might be feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to utilise marketing to achieve your goals.

Investing in an integrated, evidence-based marketing strategy can help. My strategic approach to marketing will reconnect your marketing activity to your business goals and give you a structure and clear action plan to move forward. Whether you’re looking to increase your leads or improve your conversion or retention rate, this service will help you identify opportunities for growth, as well as highlighting where you could be saving money and time.

What do you get?

  • What you’re doing: A two-hour marketing workshop (this can be a great internal marketing exercise in itself) and thorough audit of your marketing environment resulting in an easy-to-understand SWOT analysis
  • Why you’re doing it: quantified marketing objectives to help you focus your strategy and measure its success.
  • Who you are and who you can help: A clear brand positioning statement and two client or customer personas to help visualise your target audiences (these can be useful additions to your staff induction pack).
  • How you can help them: a comprehensive Strategy document detailing the recommended marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Where you need to do it: a simple one-page marketing plan summarising which tactics to use at each stage of the buyer journey.
  • When to do it: a 6-month implementation plan showing which actions to take when.
  • A two-hour handover session to walk you through the plan and answer any questions.
  • Two hours’ worth of follow-up consultancy over the following month to help keep you on track and support your first set of KPI measurements.

Marketing Analysis

If you want to review your existing marketing strategy or are considering launching a new service, my marketing research and analytics services will help you gain valuable understanding and clarity on which strategies and tactics will work best.

Whether it’s surveying your existing clients, carrying out focus groups with potential prospects, helping you stand out from your competitors, or deriving insights from multiple data sources, this knowledge is an essential first step to marketing successfully.

Marketing Management

It may not be desirable or feasible for you to employ senior marketing expertise in-house. In these situations, I can be a valuable addition to your team to help you implement and monitor your marketing strategies and plans. I have a fantastic network of talented and reputable partners who I can work with or refer you on to, to save you having to seek out multiple suppliers.

My marketing management service helps you get the marketing processes you need in place, such as design proposals, software commissions, and social media guidelines, as well as detailed campaign plans. It also includes project management of web development, design materials or audio-visual content.

This service is designed to help you get your marketing off on the right foot, but can also be continued on a retainer basis if you’d like to receive ongoing guidance, keep your strategy up-to-date, and ensure it is delivering a return on investment.

I usually manage clients’ marketing over 2-4 days per month.

Internal Marketing

Your employees are arguably your most important clients, and getting them on board with marketing will make reaching your goals much less resource-intensive as well as helping you attract great talent in future too.

My marketing and brand positioning workshops can be a great way to bring your employees together to reflect on what you’re doing, and they make for an ideal ‘away day’. They can also help when it comes to communicating with your senior stakeholders and board members, especially if you’re seeking to expand your budget or make changes to your services.

I can also develop a variety of internal communication materials and presentations to support larger or more dispersed teams.

Coaching and mentoring

You might already have a brilliant marketing graduate or early career marketing officer in-house, but feel they could benefit from some senior strategic guidance to help them flourish. I can provide a mix of in-house coaching and remote mentoring support to help them get set up and give them direction and templates they can use going forward to deliver even greater value for you.

I usually recommend a commitment of at least one day a month to get the most from this type of support.

Interim Consultancy

If you’re in the midst of recruiting or looking to fill a senior marketing role on a temporary basis, or you need occasional support to meet specific project needs, my interim consultancy services could be the best option for you. I can work alongside you in-house or remotely on an hourly, day or project basis to expand your capacity and service offering when you need to.

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