Questions to help steer your marketing through coronavirus

When will all this end? When can we get back to business? How is this going to affect us in the long run?

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown up many questions we just can’t answer. But there are some questions you can address in relation to your marketing strategy to prepare your business for whatever lies in store.

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24 Tips to improve your Marketing Strategy

Over Advent, I’ve been sharing a marketing tip a day to help businesses who want to be more strategic in their marketing. But these tips aren’t just applicable at Christmas – you can them to improve your approach to marketing all year round.

  1. Know your customers’ value, both short and long-term. This article shows you how to work it out.
  2. Focus on creating a stand-out product which fulfils a genuine need. See Ilchester Cheese’s Advent calendar below for an example – it even had cheese jokes:Cheese calendar
  3. Test your ads before airing them…Peloton’s disastrous advert says it all.
  4. Be sure you’ve considered every aspect of your product… #ToyStorypants #woodyMarketing pants
  5. Triggering nostalgia can be a powerful part of your brand strategy – the extended cut of Sky’s ET returns ad did this brilliantly.
  6. Don’t think you need a bluechip budget to implement an effective strategy. Every Christmas, Welsh store Hafod Hardware’s advert blows me away with its creative genious. Check out this year’s masterpiece.
  7. Keep up to speed with what’s happening so you can make the most of opportunties. Aviation Gin’s response to the Peloton ad referenced above was responsive marketing at its finest.
  8. Make sure your marketing is relevant and timely.
  9. Maximise your impact with video. Here’s a guide to free editing software that might help.
  10. Don’t invest in a marketing tactic without proving its ROIthis case study illustrates the importance of testing it on a small scale first.  
  11. But don’t lose sight of long-term goals in the pursuit of short-term ROI
  12. Keep it local. This colouring book from The Works stood out because it’s one my children can relate to and get more excited about:santacardiff
  13. Authentic marketing is strategic marketing in its constructive sense. Be honest and don’t make claims that others can contest 
  14. Consider strategy before tactics. Do your marketing discussions currently go like this? 
  15. Think sustainably to sustain your business
  16. Give people what they want (positivity & diversity and not another headache in this case) Reindeer in here is a tradition being welcomed by many parents opposed to marketing phenonmenon Elf on the Shelf.
  17. When developing your product, you have to consider the emotional benefits it will provide as well as the functional ones.
  18. Remember to consider both your target buyers and end users – they will often have very different needs & objections!
  19. Look forwards as well as backwards. It’s just as important to be aware of what’s around the corner as it is to know what has and hasn’t worked to date. 
  20. Know your story and tell it; Tiny Rebel Newport are a great example of how to do this well.
  21. Be transparent: Disney’s Frozen 2 influencer blunder is a good reminder of the importance of this.
  22. Negative perceptions are hard to change no matter how much you innovate:consider your brand’s message carefully from the outset: BBC News – Is Barbie’s makeover working?
  23. Measure, measure, measure. If you don’t know how you’re doing, you won’t know what to keep doing or do differently. There are some great tips on building an analytics-driven culture here.
  24. Don’t forget to look after the people who make your brand and execute your strategy. There are some good reasons why internal comms matter here. 

Why authentic marketing is so powerful for business

Whether you love or hate the term, authentic marketing is undeniably good for business. But authenticity as a concept is often misunderstood and its power can be underestimated.

If you can answer yes to the following three questions, it’s probably safe to say you’re of an authentic marketing mindset.

  • Does your organisation believe in being open and transparent?
  • Would you describe your organisation’s practices as ethical and honest?
  • Do you believe you have something genuine to offer your clients or end users?

But what does marketing authentically really mean, and why is it so vital for business success?

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